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Courses in Penitentiary Centers

As a result of the collaboration between UNED and the General Directorate of Penitentiary Institutions, since 1983, UNED has been organizing summer courses in Penitentiary Centers. The purpose of these courses is to deepen the improvement of the university academic offer in the penitentiary field.

Since 2008, summer courses have been open to the participation of UNED students enrolled in the academic year in which the corresponding summer course edition is held. Likewise, since 2012 members of the staff of Penitentiary Institutions can attend these courses. The purpose of this opening is to contribute to the normalization of the academic activity of the university in prisons through a set of courses that meet the same characteristics as those proposed in our general program. The joint completion of courses between internal and external students is an opportunity to improve a different and complex educational reality.

For more information on the scheduling of courses in Penitentiary Centers, consult the corresponding Headquarters.

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