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5 de novembre de 2016

TEDx Ripples of curiosity

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  • 5 de novembre de 2016

5 de novembre de 2016

TEDx Ripples of curiosity

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On Saturday, November 5, 2016, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, will present the fourth edition of TEDxCERN and broadcast it live to TEDxAlcarriaSt at Sala de Audiovisuales de UNED Guadalajara, Guadalajara. TED conferences (abbreviation for technology, entertainment, design) are mainly known because the best talks of the conferences are distributed as videos free of charge via the TED Talks website. Worldwide, these videos have been accessed more than three billion times. The conferences focus on the areas of technology, entertainment, design, business, culture, art and science.


This English-language event will be live streamed worldwide. At the TEDxAlcarriaSt location, at Sala de Audiovisuales de UNED Guadalajara you have the opportunity to follow the conference live. Ripples of curiosity is the title of this year's TEDxCERN conference. The basic idea is that ideas in science, technology and education spread like waves - they grow and fuse over time and new waves emerge. The speakers tell their stories about how their research has begun as a small wave - a passion and fascination - and has become an ever-increasing wave, until today exactly this research has changed our worldview.

You can check the program at

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5 de novembre de 2016
De 14:00 a 18:30 h


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